Hummingbirds: My intrinsic motivation

Since hummingbirds are the catalyst that helped me become a professional photographer, it seems only fitting that the first blog on this site be about these amazing creatures, and the lure they possess for me.  Lucky for me too, that the most captivating, hypnotizing beings I have ever laid eyes on (besides my children, of course) are just outside my back door, or front door for that matter. It's one of the benefits of living in such a warm climate.

When I think of all the hours I have spent practicing the art of patience, inner calm and stillness to become fluid in capturing hummingbirds, I realize the value of these traits for photography.  In a sense, the birds themselves taught me many valuable lessons, which I was able to then use when my subjects inevitably became people. There is such a natural simplicity in these beauties that translates into love filled images. It was the love essence that became the focus of everything through my lens from that point moving forward.

It has become increasingly obvious to me, that if I am patient enough and just allow my subjects to be themselves, true magic ensues.  Yes, there were frustrations, and a definite learning curve that frankly doesn't go away.  It is ever evolving, with new challenges, and along with it, new triumphs.  Capturing this magic is absolute treasure.  The joy and bliss I feel from it cannot be measured. And in my heart, the joy is infinite. And when you think about it, isn't that the point of what we all want to be motivated by?

Hummingbird Orange-1.jpg
Hummingbird sillouette-1.jpg