Christiana Doba

Christiana's style incorporates the essence of her subjects inspired by the joys and beauty of nature, life's experiences and the true spirit of connection.  The process of capturing the truth of the moment with her subjects is the driving component of her style, passion, and motivation.

As a native of Southern California, it was the quiet, contemplative moments of the outdoors that gave rise to the deep rooted love of natural, organic experiences.  Nature, beautiful landscapes, bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds are what originally inspired her to cultivate her style of photography, which naturally progressed into people along with her specialty, children.  She shoots her subjects with the intent of illustrating the common thread that weaves through all of us - Love.

On the day of the photo shoot, clients can expect a true collaborative experience, with fun, imagination and no limits.  With Christiana, the goal is laughter and comfortable focus. Creating a warm, supportive environment allows for vulnerability and openness to be who you really are.

Image Credits: Bradford Jones Photography